Every pair of boots tells a story.

Which story will your boots tell?

Mission statement:

Stormwind Watch, 8th District

Veteran guard Elrod C. Boots is an eccentric man, with an eccentric dream. He looked upon Stormwind and saw room for improvement, and felt that the only way to achieve that was through a brand new initiative he had cooked up while working tirelessly in his office. His colleagues and superiors didn't believe in his dream, but they decided to humour him through a bet. After pulling himself up by his bootstraps, he managed to secure a shoestring budget, and his dream started to take form as the Eighth District of the Stormwind Watch.

Watch Commander Elrod C. Boots is the commander of the Boots in Blue, a community policing initiative run out of the cathedral district. The Watchmen of the Eighth are tasked with making his dream a reality, by making Stormwind City a better place for everyone through community initiatives and street patrols. They are not guards, eschewing the armour, sword and shield for hand-knitted t-shirts, notebooks and a baton if anything should go terribly wrong.

The Boots in Blue are here for the citizens of Stormwind. Stop by for a chat, give us a call if you need assistance, and visit our headquarters in "Just Maces" in the Cathedral District!


The Boots in Blue is a lighthearted, down-to-earth community policing guild! We aim to provide a friendly, slightly humorous but serious atmosphere for our watchmen and the community at large.

We are primarily catering to civilian and low-grade military roleplayers, but we are not strictly a military organisation and avoid fighting if we can. Our emphasis lies with education, character growth and community building. We engage in training exercises, keep (optional) filing systems and seek to eventually expand into investigations and more!

Peppin Mertridge


I slipped on a wet cobblestone and lost my glasses while I was strolling through Stormwind… they fell right into a puddle. A watchman came along and went knee-deep into the water to find them for me, so I wouldn’t have to do it! That’s the first time a guard ever did me a solid, I’m really grateful. That’s the 8th division, remember that!

Medea deGrande

Store Owner

We had a burglary in our general goods store. They took all of our change, some stamps and all of the bags we sell to adventurers. But thanks to the watchmen of the Eighth Division, we got all of it back, minus some change. They tracked the burglars down and managed to retrieve the stolen stamps and bags without much incident.

Imperiosa Otohime


My little cutie-pie of a kitten, Princess Snuggleton XI, fell out the window from my parlour in the Mage District! I was so, so super-distraught, she is is my most important kitty-cat and I can’t even bear thinking about life without her! But this nice gentleman in a blue shirt came knocking at my door, and he had found my Princess hiding in the bushes outside! I was so glad when she came home to me. THANK YOU and many kisses for the Boots in Blue!

Slackjaw Dhervish

Dock Worder

Lost the keys to my house in Old Town, had to break in through the window. Some [chaps] in blue came by and started asking questions, thought I was heading for the clinker for sure, guards never understand. I explained that I'd lost my keys, and they told me they'd take a gander. Couple of minutes later, they found me keys and took a look inside my shack to prove I lived there. No fuss about it. I slept in my own bed and not a cell that night.

Brubaker Blackpot


Pretzels, mustard and beer is my game in town, and I get rowdy customers sometimes! A wee gnome lad came up to my stand, screaming bloody murder for burning his tongue with my spicy mustard! Lucky for me, some lads in blue were standing by and stepped in before the wee'un could cut me giblets out, and all they did was chat with him! I gave 'em each a pretzel as a reward, but they refused on account of it being their duties. Fine lads, those Boots in Blue!

Job listings:

The 8th Division of the Stormwind Watch, "The Boots in Blue", is looking for able-bodied personnel to take on the role as watchmen. The Boots engage in community policing and safeguarding the public of Stormwind, and you will take on the role as our boots on the ground.

Enlist now, and get your own free pair of boots!

Recruits take on the rank of Cadet when enlisted. Cadets will be promoted to full-fledged Constables when they complete a simple training program. Training programs allow Constables to take on more specialised roles as they advance through the ranks.

Make your career in policing and learn valuable skills in the process!

The Boots brings a new angle to law enforcement in Stormwind, and intends to build itself from the ground up. Key principles are crime prevention, community building and accountability.

Help making Stormwind a better place to be, for everyone!


Watchman, "Boot in Blue"

Take on the role as a Watchman and help building the 8th Division from the ground up.


  • No experience required, training will be provided!
  • Combat experience is not required.
  • The ability to work in teams and with the public are desirable traits.
  • Must be able to read and write.
  • Must be able to follow orders.
  • Must be able to work in a team.
  • Must be able to work with the public.

Watchmen are first and foremost community police, not soldiers. Applicants are asked to consider this before enlisting.